A leading producer of all-natural and authentic shea butter cosmetic products, Nguvu has announced the launch of its latest Mr. R2G Men’s Grooming Kit.

In addition to the launch of the grooming kit, the management of Nguvu has also unveiled Reggie Rockstone as the brand ambassador for the line.

As the iconic male figure he is in the Ghanaian society, Reggie Rockstone epitomizes all that the Nguvu Mr. R2G Men’s Grooming Kit stands for hence the decision to associate him with the brand.

The Mr. R2G Men’s Grooming kit is the third gift set under the Nguvu Man range of products and consists of whipped shea cream, hemp hair oil, activated charcoal soap and a travel-size comb set (wooden comb/mini scissors/suede portable pouch).

All products are made with carefully and sustainably sourced raw materials and are 100% natural. Furthermore, the products are made in Ghana and approved by the Food and Drugs Authority.

Speaking on the launch Co-Founder and Head of Business Development at Nguvu, Francesca Apeagyei said “We are proud to introduce our new range of natural products under the Nguvu Men’s range to our customers.”

“As an authentic Ghanaian business, we are committed to innovation and ensuring that we make products that are safe as well as relevant to our customers and important to the times we live in. The R2G as we all know it as Refuse to Grow Men’s Grooming Kit is for the everyday man who wants to establish and maintain healthy hygiene habits for the good of his physical and overall quality of life”

Nguvu [in-goo-voo] means ‘strength’. Producers say it represents the quality of being a woman; strong, capable and productive.

For them, strength represents the beautiful women who work hard to pick and process shea products.

Therefore, whenever clients support Nguvu, they directly support thousands of women in rural Ghana to raise their standard of living and provide quality education for their children.

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