The National Insurance Commission (NIC) has issued a list of insurance companies in good standing as of March 2018.

The list include 22 life insurance companies, 29 non life insurance companies and three reinsurance companies.

The move comes on the back of messages making rounds on social media that some insurance companies are in financial distress.

“The Commission would like to use your medium to inform the public to disregard these malicious comments, which are vicious attempts by anonymous individuals to tarnish the reputation of these insurance companies,” a statement from the NIC said.

The statement added, “The Commission would also like to advise persons engaged in these actions to desist and refrain from such acts since legal action shall be taken against them if found.”

According to the statement, “the Commission has a bureau that investigates and resolves complaints by persons who are of the view that they have been unfairly treated by an insurance company. The public is advised to use this medium to settle any disputes they may have with an insurance company.”

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