Ghanaian dancehall artiste, Stonebwoy says Nigerians are more supportive of their musicians who get nominated for international awards unlike Ghanaians.

Answering a question from JoyNews’ Becky on whether Ghanaians support their artistes to win international awards such as the BET and Grammy, the Reggae musician said he believes more can be done in terms of support.

According to him, while some will argue that Nigeria has the numbers because of the huge population, there is also commitment and support for the arts.

“You see, Nigerians are more populous than we are. I think they are ten times our population. So if two people or a person understands what the Grammy is here in Ghana, it will mean 10 people would understand it more in Nigeria.”

He said from his experience, some Ghanaians don’t appreciate it when Ghanaian artistes win or get nominated for international awards.

“I’m speaking out of experience but I stand to be corrected. Ghanaians don’t appreciate the magnitude or certain heights that their artistes have been able to make for themselves. Because of that, they will not rally behind you or push you to hit more benchmarks”.

He was, however, quick to add that, while some Ghanaians still show support, Nigerians are able to push their artistes better than Ghanaians.

“If that debate is between Ghana and Nigeria, then Nigerians know how to push their artistes to the world more than we do. That is why we are seeing this output.

“Most of us in Ghana are at certain levels because of the strives that had been made from our predecessors to us, to those who will come after us.”

Stonebwoy has been in the trends since he made comments that most Nigerian artistes become popular only after their music hits the Ghanaian market.

He allegedly made the statement during an Instagram live video with Nigerian media personality, Tunde Balogun.