Deputy Local Government Minister has challenged the Minority in Parliament to prove allegations that state machines and equipment were given to Engineers and Planners (E&P) for its private jobs.

Nii Lante Vanderpuye told Joy News' Evans Mensah on Newsnite, Thursday, he is ready to resign if the Minority is able to provide anything of evidential value.

The Minority is citing the president for conflict of interest as well as abuse of office.

The group says machines and equipment bought with state funds for use by District Assemblies have been handed over to E&P, a company owned by the president's brother for his private job.

Apart from the Odaw River project in which the Local Government Ministry has admitted handing over  state equipment to E&P for purposes of de-silting the river, the Minority claims it has evidence an Ashaiman road construction project being executed privately by the president's brother is being done with borrowed state equipment.

The Minority spokesperson on Local Government, Kwasi Ameyaw Kyeremeh who wants government to surcharge Engineers and Planners for the use of the machines in the Odaw project, has told Joy News the arrangement surrounding the Ashaiman transaction is “irregular, improper, and illegal.”

But the Deputy Local Government Minister has vehemently rejected the claim by the minority group.

Nii Lante Vanderpuye said the allegations are "frivolous, unmeritorious" and a "rehash of malicious" allegations to tarnish the reputation of the president.

When he was asked a pointed question whether the government had released the equipment for Engineers and Planners for a private transaction at Ashaiman, Nii Lante was vehement in his denial.

"It is not true; it is a lie", he said challenging the Minority to provide a shred of evidence to the contrary.

"I will put my job on the line," if it is true such a thing has happened, he stated, adding, that all the equipment are in the custody of the state.

He cannot say if Engineers and Planners has  won a contract at Ashaiman, but said on authority that no state equipment is being used even if there was such a contract.

He also said not a pesewa was paid to Engineers and Planners for the "benevolent" job it did on the Odaw river project.