The Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI) is asking the government to conduct an independent investigation into the killing of Albert Donkor, a suspect who allegedly died in police custody at Nkoranza in the Bono East region.

The CHRI added that the investigation findings should also be made public.

According to the group, this is the first step in ensuring justice is served to his family.

It said this is an obligation government cannot shirk.

“The duty of the State of Ghana to investigate the circumstances of Albert’s death is both an affirmative procedural duty under international human rights law and further derives from the right of Albert’s family to a remedy and an effective one at that.”

“As a State that prides itself in upholding human rights, the obligation to ensure that justice is served for Albert Donkor, at the very least, should be fulfilled.”

The CHRI has also asked government to Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) which will investigate such issues.

It explains this will help build confidence in the security agencies.

“CHRI uses this opportunity to call on the Executive, Parliament, and the Ministry of Interior (sector Ministry) to urgently establish an Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) for Ghana, which would investigate such issues independently and not rely on the Ghana Police’s internal investigations which are hardly made public.”

In a press release issued on Tuesday, May 17, it made the demand by its Africa office in Accra.

The Nkoranza Municipal Police Command claims that Albert Donkor was an armed robber who died in an exchange of fire with them.

However, the family has refuted the claims, saying he was picked up from home to police custody where he died.

His death has led to some level of disturbances in the community.

On Tuesday, May 17, the area’s youth went on a rampage and attacked the Municipal Police headquarters in a bid to demand justice for Albert Donkor, a 28-year-old trader who was allegedly killed while in police custody.

They freed six other suspects picked up by the Police as armed robbers together with the deceased.

In the said rampage move by the youth, one person has also been confirmed dead whilst nine persons, including three in critical condition, are receiving treatment for gunshot wounds at the St. Theresa’s Catholic Hospital.