The chairman of the National Media Commission has assured workers of the Ghana News Agency that the commission will resolve the current managerial crisis facing the agency.

Kabral Blay Amihere told Joy News’ Dzifa Bampoh that the matter is receiving urgent attention by the commission.

The workers are on a collision course with the General Manager, Nana Appau Dua who they have accused of incompetence.

They have announced a sit-down strike in protest of his return to office on the orders of the commission after he was asked to proceed on leave by the GNA Board.

Nana Appau Dua returned to post after the NMC annulled a decision by the Board, insisting it is the only institution with the powers to hire and fire heads of state media organizations.

The workers say they will remain on strike until the NMC appoints a new manager with the business acumen to run the agency.

Chairman of the NMC, Kabral Blay Amihere said his outfit will not be stampeded into making decisions to satisfy the interest of a few people.

“When you subject yourself to the rule of law you don’t want to fast track matters just to satisfy one stakeholder. You need to have a holistic approach towards issues of such significance. All I can say for now is that the media commission, as it did with the GBC, will never abandon and abdicate its responsibility to the GNA and to the nation,” he assured.

He said the commission has used the channel available to invite the stakeholders for a peaceful resolution of the matter.

“As far as the office is concerned we are on top of the situation,” he stated.

But the Communications Workers Union doesn’t appear to share that optimism. Secretary to the union, Phillip Attuquaye Quaye told Joy News they will not attend a planned meeting with the NMC.

He said earlier overtures by the workers to the NMC were met with resistance with the NMC directing them to deal with the Board of the agency.

He said they are sticking to the advice of the NMC and will rather deal with the Board.

For now though, they are comfortable with the Board’s decision to do away with the services of Nana Appau Dua but are wary of the palpable power crisis after the Board also appointed an acting General Manager in the person of Boakye Dankwa.

Story by Nathan Gadugah/


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