One-time champion Adisadel College has emerged victorious in the semi-final stage contest against Achimota School and Keta SHTS in the National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ) 2020.

The second contest on Tuesday witnessed all three schools display tenacity and passion to outdo one another and qualify for the next stage of the competition.

At the eleventh hour, Adisadel College changed the tide of the game to secure a spot in the final stage of the NSMQ 2020.

In round 1 of the contest, Keta SHTS led the pack with 13 points.

Battling for the second place on the scoreboard, Achimota School and Adisadel College scored 11 points and 10 points respectively.

Sprinting to the lead position, the Zebra boys scored 17 points.

Keta SHTS could not earn a point and maintained 13 points while Achimota School lost its balance and landed with 7 points.

Dazed by the intensity the Problem of The Day presented, Adisadel College was unable to earn a point in round 3.

Working on their chances to move to the next change, Achimota School rose to the task and secured 3 points. Keta SHTS followed with 2 points.

Still steering the affairs of the contest, the Cape Coast-based school scored 18 points in round 4.

Unable to face the challenging round, Achimota School and Keta SHTS managed to grab 14 points and 13 points respectively.

Answering the last riddle, Adisadel College changed the rhythm of the competition and scored 21 points.

With just a point margin, Adisadel College miraculously kicked out contending schools; Achimota School and Keta SHTS that scored 20 points and 17 points respectively.