One-time champion, Adisadel College has eliminated three-time winners St Peter’s SHS and OLA SHS, Ho to grab a seat at the semi-final stage of the National Science and Maths Quiz.

The contest proved to be an exciting and heartbreaking battle as the ‘Zebra boys’ of Adisadel College clashed with the Persco boys.

OLA SHS also made its debut to the quarter-final stage competition.

With a 2-point margin, the Michael Obeng-led team of St Peter’s SHS was eliminated from the race to becoming NSMQ 2020 winners.

Taking the lead just as the contest began, St Peter’s SHS led the race with 27 points with Adisadel College following with 19 points.

OLA SHS was at the bottom in this round with 10 points.

The Cape Coast-based school revamped with 27 points with hope of securing the lead position.

St Peter’s SHS scored 28 points to maintain the lead in round 2. Finding their feet, OLA SHS secured 13 points in the speed race.

The ladies of OLA SHS displayed great intellect and led the Problem of the day with 7 points.

To outdo each other, Adisadel College and the Koforidua-based school scored 6 points each.

Giving St Peter’s SHS a shock of their lives, Adisadel College grabbed the lead position with 49 points which was followed closely, by St Peter’s SHS’s 44 points.

In hope of returning to the realm of affairs in round 5, St Peter’s SHS grabbed the third riddle worth 3 points.

Adisadel College with 49 points knocked out St Peter’s SHS whose best was just not enough to secure them a slot in the next round.

Anthony Asante and Michael Obeng of St Peter’s SHS and OLA SHS, HO were eliminated with 47 points and 39 points respectively.