The National Youth Authority (NYA), has revealed plans to post some 2,000 volunteers around the country with pre-recorded messages, to educate people who live in the hinterlands on coronavirus safety protocols.

These volunteers will be posted to the remote parts of the country with some 500 megaphones to deliver approved messages from the Ministry of Information.

Chief Executive Officer of the Authority, Sylvester Mensah Tetteh, stated that the campaigns will not be limited to the cities to ensure results.

“We are going to the very remotest part of our country with megaphones that can pre-record messages and be played in the communities,” he said.

In his address at the press briefing organised by the Ministry of Information, April 16, Sylvester said his outfit is conducting a baseline study to discover the degree of effect the coronavirus pandemic is having on the young populace, as they are the most hit.

This research is being conducted on the social media platforms and website of the National Youth Authority..

“This is to identify those who will be hard hit most and to make an informed position to the matter of young people for redress,” Mr Tetteh stated.

According to him, some volunteers have expressed readiness to work at the isolation centres across the country.

Meanwhile, he noted that after the Covid-19 phase, there will be skill training opportunities made available to the youth.