Okuapemhene, Oseadeeyo Kwasi Akuffo III, as part of his 35th birthday celebration has donated hygiene and health packs to the Akropong School of the Blind, Presbyterian Kindergarten, Primary and Junior High School as well as the Demonstration School for the Deaf. 

Marking the celebration in what is now his second year on the royal throne of Akuapim, the Osadeeyo decided to commemorate the day by supporting the less privileged and differently-abled in his state. He explained that the challenges of the times must not detract us from our communal spirit and the need to be there for one another. 

Leading by example, he donated the items to help safeguard the staff and students of these schools against the Covid-19 pandemic. He commended the school authorities and students for their strict compliance with health protocols which has ensured that no recorded cases and entreated them not to let their guards down.

Born Odehye Kwadwo Kesse Antwi on 24th February 1986 to Odehye Alex Antwi and the Late Odehye Cynthia Agyemang, Oseadeeyo Kwasi Akuffo III is the current and 26th occupant of the Ofori Kuma stool of Akuapem and king of the Akuapems.

He was installed on the 3rd of May, 2020 after he was chosen as the eligible heir to his late uncle Oseadeeyo Addo Dankwa III who passed on August, 2015 after having ruled for over four decades as the king of Akuapem.

Youthful, innovative and charismatic, Oseadeeyo Kwasi Akuffo III’s popularity as a man of action and a servant leader derives from his 

vast experience of working with people from varied backgrounds and serving in various leadership roles in the hospitality industry in New York. 

He is married to Maame Ama Asiedu who hails from Asante Bekwai in the Ashanti Region and works with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration.

Oseadeeyo Kwasi Akuffo III seeks collaboration with all members of the traditional council and government to ensure a peaceful, strong, united and developed Okuapeman.

To accomplish this vision, he aims to support the traditional council at all levels to formulate and implement viable projects, policies and developmental programmes tailored for the benefit of the people of Okuapeman, while maintaining the discipline, values, laws, and customs of the land. 

With the benefit of early life in Ghana and work experience in the West, Oseadeeyo Kwasi Akuffo III exemplifies the balance between our cultural foundations and progressive orientation.

Armed with these perspectives, he plans to will exert efforts towards industrialisation, good standard of living, education, social integration, job creation, skill acquisition, youth empowerment as well as the orientation and enlightenment of the people at the grassroots for the attainment of a peaceful and progressive kingdom.

With the several thousands of low-income earners in Okuapeman and the growing socioeconomic issues in Ghana and the entire African continent, Oseadeeyo Kwasi Akuffo has founded the Oseadeeyo Kwasi Akuffo foundation (OKWAF) a private operating foundation established to support the people of the Eastern Region particularly Okuapeman.

With a custom-made project models that will supplement the current healthcare plan, educational plan, and sustainable employment opportunities through social enterprise projects. 

As part of OKWAF’s agenda, there is a special focus on the school for the blind and deaf as well as give support to nearly 100,000 students from selected schools and 20,000 aged citizens in the rural areas across Okuapeman and the Eastern Region of Ghana.

Other noteworthy initiatives include Peep and Learn, a pioneering Edtech platform as well as partnerships with Akosua Teiko Foundation, Project 21, Jupe Global to lead the business development and transformation of Okuapeman.