Open letter to Kweku Baako

Dear Sir,

I listened to your extensive reaction to my article titled KWAKU BAAKO EXPOSES NKRUMAH’S CPP AND HIMSELF which essentially was a commentary on statements you made on Wednesday December 07, 2011concerning the donations made to the CPP by A-Lang Limited on the same radio station today Wednesday December 14, 2011.

I must say I was very flattered that a onetime winner of the Ghana Institute of Journalist’s Journalist of the Year Award heaped plaudits on my writing ability even though you essentially disagreed with my thoughts.

Let me deal with two non-issues before I deal with the crux of this letter. My surname is BANIN (the ‘A’ is to be pronounced as the ‘a’ in Air). Let me also state categorically that I have not seen a copy of Alhaji Bature’s Newspaper before and hence will not be in a position to know how he presented my comments which was posted on www.myjoyonline.com and my Facebook page. However, I am sure if he had taken the effort to understand the import of my piece, he would have noticed that its essence probably fits him better than you as his comments on radio and elsewhere are always full of twists, fallacies and sometimes outright lies.

Before I establish the basis for my critique of your submissions of Wednesday December 07, 2011, let me state that my claim of you not being objective was restricted to issues on the Convention People’s Party (CPP) of Kwame Nkrumah and not to all your submissions on radio. This clarification is necessary knowing very well that most of your comments on a lot of issues in the media are very measured and fair. A reading of the last sentence of the second paragraph of my initial piece confirms the context within which I situated my arguments. Having dealt with these non-issues permit me to move to the crux of my arguments.

My beef with you is that, if it is true that A-Lang Limited, a construction company then undertaking Government of Ghana Projects, gave gifts to the CPP, when the GOG Contractual arrangements clearly forbids firms who intend to bid for a GOG project, are bidding for a GOG project, have been awarded a GOG project and or are working on a GOG project from giving gifts in any form or substance to any entity or persons related to these projects then the CPP obviously cannot be absolved. Secondly if it is true that our laws abhor what A-Lang and the other Contractors and CPP did, I wonder why you do not see it as being good grounds (even if that was not the declared basis then) for the confiscation of all those buildings whose part funding came from these obvious illegalities. As of the openness of the process (the CPP’s public declaration of donations) you allude to, I think it shouldn’t even be weighed into the equation. The mischief to be cured (apologies to you) is the high possibility of it clouding of judgement of the officials involved and not the secrecy or otherwise with which the donation is done. Is it not logical to assume that such gifts will obviously have an effect on the objectivity of the officials, whether given in public or in private and in the long term harm our country?

It is based on these that I thought that you, in your bid to eulogize the CPP as being open, rather exposed them as dealing in conflict of interest and hence being corrupt. That being the case, I think we should applaud the NLC government for rightly confiscating those buildings which were obviously funded with some illegally acquired funds.

I hope I have convinced you that one of Ghana’s greatest debaters released too much information than was necessary on this particular issue. I rest my case.

Thank you.