An outstanding display of golfing rocked the GCB Bank Classic Golf competition at the Bok Nam Kim Golf Club, Burma Camp on Saturday.

And after a fierce 18-hole swing among 84 male golfers and 23 ladies, a 66 net score handed Eric Ofosuhene the topmost prize, beating Donald Obilor on countback in the men’s category A event.

Young Rickie Hurtubise, 15 years finished in third place with 67 net, losing the second position by just a stroke, and recording the lowest score of the day (74).

Nash Ahene Antwi finished tops in the men’s category B with a 60 net score, while Paul Edwards and Paul Dwimoh followed in that order with 60 and 62 nets respectively.

The ladies category saw Awura Abena Asante beating 22 competitors to emerge tops with Hajia Zenabu Akoto (62) and Centre of the Earth Club ladies captain Helen Appah (63) following.

Floria Hurtubise grabbed the lady’s longest drive prize, while GCB Bank’s Nana Egyir picked up the male version.

Deputy Managing Director of Operations at GCB Bank, Mr Emmanuel Lamptey described the competition as an epoch-making one taking into account the unprecedented 107 participants it attracted.

He told the media his outfit’s quest to support sports and their client’s banking needs from all fronts informed their decision to sponsor the competition.

Mr Lamptey revealed that the bank is sponsoring a similar event at the Royal Golf Club, Kumasi this weekend as well as throwing huge financial support behind the maiden First Ladies Cup competition slated for Accra this week.

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