The Auditor-General has cited the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital for charging and taking fees not approved by Parliament

The Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital is on high alert for Covid-19 cases as 23 of its staff have contracted the virus.

A notice issued by the Management of the facility to employees said about 70 percent of the infections were hospital-acquired and 30 percent community-based transmission.

Five doctors, 13 nurses and five non-clinical staff have been infected by the virus. Out of the number, 20 of the staff members have been fully vaccinated while three are unvaccinated.

The cases have been recorded against the backdrop of the Ghana Health Service’s recent recommendation of a return to the wearing of face masks amidst a surge in cases.

Over 20 staff of Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital infected with Covid-19

The facility, in its notice, recommended that staff of the facility should get a booster dose to complete vaccination.

The Hospital also urged employees to wear face masks, wash hands with soap and water on an alcohol-based hand rub regularly, especially after engaging patients, organise meetings in a well-ventilated environment and observe social distancing.

Meanwhile, Pharmacist and Fellow of the Centre for Democratic Development, Kwame Sarpong Asiedu has said that the increased spate of vaccine hesitancy may be the reason for the rise in cases.

“The question is, as a society, are we up and doing when it comes to vaccine intake. I think there is still a level of high hesitancy from the little I can see, especially amongst the school-going age group and that cohort need to be addressed because it looks to be that the latest uptake which has come, started in that cohort and they are taking it home and now the people with underlying conditions are picking it up,” he spoke on the AM Show on Monday.

Currently, the active Covid-19 cases are 401 with 54 new cases and 161,935 confirmed cases.