Clinical Psychologist Nortey Dua has observed with worry that many parents assume the role of perfectionists and experts in the lives of their children.

He said it will help in children’s upbringing for parents to be friends or partner with their wards rather than be perfectionist.

Speaking on Joy FM’s Home Affairs on Saturday, Mr Duah said not creating a bond with one’s kids would leave room for the latter to explore the world on their own.

This he said will create a potentially catastrophic situation.

“There is a problem with parents thinking they must be experts. You are a resource, a facilitator, a guide to your child,” he told host Edem Knight-Tay.

According to him, this was important because by getting involved in the child’s life, the parents “stay relevant and you stay on board”.

Nortey Dua, who was a panellist on the topic ‘Understanding the world of teenagers’, also stressed that parents have a role to play in building the self-esteem or confidence of their children.

This, he said they can do by creating friendships with them and teaching them to be content and comfortable with who they are and what they have.

“If all you do is see what is wrong, and blast and insult this child, all you (the child) hear is trouble, so there is no self-esteem”.

Nortey Dua believes the consequences of such insecurity in a child are a clear attempt by the child to fake a lifestyle that serves as a façade.