House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in an interview Monday that the House of Representatives was prepared to play a “prominent role” in deciding the outcome of the presidential election if the results are disputed.

There have been reports prior to the interview that Pelosi has been contemplating what Politico referred to as a “once-in-a-century phenomenon.”

In the event of a tie in the Electoral College which is unlikely but possible — the “newly seated House of Representatives” would hold a complicated vote, The New York Times reported. 

The Politico report said the House vote could be “brutal,” and could come down to which party controls the most state delegations. (Republicans have 26 and Democrats 22.) The number could change after Tuesday’s results are known, the Times reported.

“But let’s not worry about that right now,” Pelosi told NPR. “What we want to be ready for is a big vote tomorrow to dispel any thought other than that, on January 20, Joe Biden will be inaugurated president of the United States, that we will have a Democratic House and a Democratic Senate.”

Both Republicans and Democrats have suggested that the other side would contest most election outcomes and there have been reports that both parties are building formidable war chests to spend on possible lawsuits.

“We’re ready. We’re prepared. We’ve been ready for a while because we see this irresponsibility of the president, his disrespect for the Constitution, for our democracy and for the integrity of our elections. So we’re ready for him,” Pelosi told NPR, according to The Hill.