Petrosol Ghana limited, an indigenous oil marketing company, has initiated a campaign to educate consumers on ensuring that they get their money’s worth at the pump through the ‘value for money campaign.’

Petrosol is educating consumers to not just look out for low priced products but to look at things holistically in order to benefit fully from purchasing petroleum products.

This comes after Petrosol’s award-winning Full Quantity Campaign where customers were educated on how to ensure they receive accurate quantity for fuel they buy at the pump,

According to the Head of Marketing and Strategy, Kwasi Zigah, who is spearheading this campaign, the purpose for this campaign is to help consumers appreciate that they deserve value for every pesewa spent at the pumps to purchase fuel. 

He further explained that Value for money at the pump sits on a tripod of Full Quantity, Quality Fuel and Competitive or Fair pricing.

He goes on to indicate that consumers deserve all these three especially in these hard times brought upon us by Covid-19, and that, concentrating on, for instance, price, implies a neglect of the other two, being Quality and Quantity.

This, therefore, suggests that the consumer could probably be sacrificing Quality which could lead to high cost; and also sacrificing Quantity, which could lead to one being short-changed. In effect, the consumer ends up not deriving full value for his/her money.

PETROSOL currently operates over Eighty-five stations across the country from which consumers are assured of high-quality fuel in full quantity.

The company also has high-quality lubricants. They have over the years been committed to educating consumers from time to time on how to get their money’s worth at the various pumps. 

They are also known for their commitment and adherence to industry best practices.