The Head of Marketing & Strategy of PETROSOL has advised young African entrepreneurs to build the foundations of their businesses on integrity and excellent stakeholder relationship management. 

Kwasi Zigah said any business built on dishonesty will surely fail eventually. 

Mr Zigah stated this when he recently addressed a mentorship programme of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI), an American Government initiative which seeks to identify and empower young people in Africa who will take up future leadership roles in Africa. 

The beneficiaries of the program included representatives from nine (9) countries in the West African sub-region. 

The mentorship programme was to help the young African entrepreneurs understand how to run their SMEs successfully and also how to draw cutting-edge marketing strategies to succeed in a competitive business environment. 

It was also aimed at instilling in them values that will guarantee the success and sustainability of their businesses. 

According to Mr Zigah, the success PETROSOL has chalked up over the years, in spite of the several challenges in the Ghanaian business environment and the highly competitive nature of the petroleum downstream industry, has been due to its commitment to ethical business practice and regulatory compliance. 

He said, for instance, that PETROSOL has over the years insisted on ensuring that consumers receive value for their money by ensuring that its fuel pumps deliver quality fuel in full quantity to its consumers. 

Thus, the company has been investing its resources to embark upon a national consumer education campaign dubbed, Full Quantity Campaign, to educate fuel consumers on how to detect if they are served the right quantity of fuel at the pumps or not and also show them how to seek redress where one has been cheated.  

He said PETROSOL believes that adjusting measurements to cheat your customers is not only criminal but it is also ungodly and thus blocks the blessings of God. 

He also indicated that PETROSOL continues to maintain an excellent relationship with its stakeholders by ensuring that it meets its obligations to them and also closely interacts with them to identify areas of service gap to work to close them.   

Curriculum and Content Manager of the YALI Programme, Jasper Ahafianyo, mentioned that YALI collaborated with PETROSOL to prove to the young entrepreneurs that despite all the odds in the sub-region, it was possible to manage a successful business in their various local environments. 

He also mentioned that the collaboration seeks to establish between PETROSOL and YALI a mutually beneficial relationship which goes beyond the borders of Ghana.  

PETROSOL is a privately-owned indigenous Oil Marketing Company (OMC) which operates several fuel stations across the country and also supplies fuel to bulk corporate consumers. It has won several awards over the years.