In this maiden edition of Poetry Delight – designed to bring poets and poetry lovers together – Nana Efua Rockson hopes to inspire those on the lonely and difficult path to self-fulfilment. Enjoy!


I am Tebi…

I am like the sun, that, in spite of all odds,

Never fails to give off its rays.


You may love me or hate me,

You may love to hate me or hate to love me,

Either way, there is a strong emotional connection.


I am always smiling confidently,

Embracing my magnificent beauty and radiance.


I give myself off without hesitation,

Without pain or limitation,

For my very nature is to give off my rays.


Through the prisms of life, I shine,

Bringing off beautiful colours.

And, even through the rain,

A beautiful array of colours call rainbow.


You can decide to accept my rays,

And live a bright radiant life.

Or hide yourself in the gloom or in the shadows,

Where my rays cannot get to you,

Ever to remain in perpetual darkness.


Whatever, you decide to do,

I continue to shine beautifully always!


The smiles, the laughter, the joy and the contentment,

On faces that lead many to say “thank you”,

Is a plus unto my radiance.


For I am the sun, the shining light,

Ever giving off my rays abundantly.


I am Tebi…

The beautiful, intelligent and inspiring element of life,

Impacting the world with LOVE!


Nana Efua Rockson shares her inspiraition for "I am the Shining Sun"

I wrote this poem as a confidence booster for everyone who sometimes feels alone on a chosen path to success or achievement.

When the journey to success is long and winding, some people may discourage you. A few people may spur you on; a person’s ideas may be shot down by a dozen. Majority will pretend to be on your side but secretly wish your downfall, others will support you and abandon you midstream; and most often, a person feels like quitting or giving up.

Interestingly, the sun always rises in the east and sets in the west. It has all the excuses not to shine but it only knows one thing: Shinning. So whether men build shades, use umbrellas, wear sunglasses, use sunscreens, sit in air-conditioning cars or offices, the sun continues to shine. Sometimes though, it may feel like giving up, the clouds take over, and everything seems gloomy. And, the same men who blocked the sun wishes for it to shine again. The sun then breaks through the clouds into a beautiful rainbow after the rains because all it knows is Shinning. The world then stands in awe and admiration for the rainbow and the sunshine that follows the rain.

So it should be with every person who believes in a good course of action and has chosen a path to succeed or achieve at something. See yourself as the sun and keep shinning in spite of all the challenges. You will eventually break through and make it.

It is said that, “the darkest part of the night is the time closest to dawn”. Do not quit persevere and continue doing what you believe best in. And when you do, the very people who stood by to laugh, abandon you midstream or spur you on, will congratulate and start cheering you on for what you have achieved.

Profile of author

Nana Efua Rockson is an easygoing affable person with a passion for success. She is a Marketing Communication and PR professional with over ten years experience. She is currently the Group Head, Corporate Affairs & Marketing at GLICO Group Ltd, an indigenous insurance and financial services company.

Writing poetry is her hobby and she enjoys doing it. In today’s chaotic world, one needs space and time for escapism, winding down, and Nana Efua does that by writing poetry. Writing poetry allows her to travel into a world of imagination, reflection, retrospection, introspection and deeper delving into common human dilemmas and package them in poetic language.

Poetry gives her the fluidity to express things in few but poignant words and phrases.