There have been conflicting accounts over what led to the swapping of hostages on September 28 between the Northern Region police and the family of a youth chief of Zagyuri Fuseini Nindow.

While community members said the police was in the community to arrest persons they believe played a role in the September 20 demonstration that led to the destruction of properties and injury of a police officer, the police insist they were there as one of their strategies to force the Youth Chief of Zagyuri, Fuseini Nindow to surrender.

According to the wife of the Zagyuri Zaachi, Baba Ayisha, the police surrounded their house at about 12:00 am demanding to search the house for her husband but when he was not found they picked her up.

Brother of the Zaachi, Abukari Rufai who was also detained said he was asleep when he heard a noise outside their home.

When he stepped out, the police, he said, told him they were picking him up.

A former Assemblyman of the Zagyuri Kamina Electoral Area, Jonathan Salifu said the scene last night was like a war zone.

But the Northern Regional Police Command have given a different account.

According to the Northern Regional Police Commander, COP Timothy Yoosa Bonga, the police got a call from the Zagyuri Zaachi, Fuseini Nindow that they were holding someone who they believed to be a police informant hostage and they were going to kill him.

He said among other strategies, the police decided to visit his home believing that if they held his family, he will surrender.

COP Yoosa Bonga added that when that was done, Zagyuri Zaachi agreed to send the man he was holding hostage to the chief palace in exchange for his family leading to the swapping of the hostages.

These are developments following the recent brutalities on some residents and the subsequent destruction of properties of NEDCo and the Lamashegu police station.

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