The Western North region is one of the country’s secure and stable areas for the production of food crops even after its split from the Western Region in 2019.

But since then, poor seed quality and illegal mining are threatening the ability of the region to continue producing food for residents and the country at large.

According to the Western North Regional Director of Agriculture, Henry Fordjour, poor rice seed quality has ruined the success of rice farmers in the region.

“Some of the rice seeds that were supplied in 2020 were not good. And it affected us, and we quickly had to do damage control, going to the radio stations and to conscientize the farmers that it was just a one-off incident.

He disclosed, however, that the supplier of the seeds has agreed to compensate affected farmers with 150 Ghana Cedis each and is still paying such farmers.

Responding to this specific challenge, the Director of Crop Services at the Ministry, Seth Osei Akoto, said the situation is being addressed and will assure farmers that from now on, they will be given certified quality seeds.

The Director also noted that illegal mining, although the national conversation on the matter has died down, is impeding the success of farmers.

He cited an example of a rice farmer who returned to his farm only to find tractors and excavators destroying his farm.

“The problem with galamsey is quite endemic within the Western North Region. A farmer went to inspect his fields and realized that there were bulldozers working.”

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