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This is a shameful time to be a Ghanaian.

All over the world, leaders varying from presidents, prime ministers to chancellors are on their scientist and academicians to find cure for the Coronavirus which is grinding the continent to a halt.

Back home in Ghana, what our leaders are doing is not only funny but defies common sense and logic.

At the seat of Parliament, our president who is a Christian hosted Christian clergy men instead of meeting Scientist, again is it not the same president who has ban public gathering? So my question is, is that meeting too not a public gathering? Hasn’t our president and these men travelled to some countries that have been affected?

When we inquired what the whole meeting was about, to our shock, it is breakfast meeting to pray for a divine intervention against the coronavirus. Yes you heard me right, a prayer to God, to heal our nation!

As if that joke is not enough, the vice president Dr Bawumia also heard a public gathering today at the seat of government, the reason is simple, to invite Islamic Clergymen Instead of scientists and other important people in the country who are Muslims to also pray for the nation.

Now am wondering what will be next, as a religious secular country, are also going to invite traditional priest and witch doctors to also come and pour libation to our ancestors to heal our country?

A bit of education to our leaders, every problem needs a well-structured solution, and Coronavirus does too.

When the CPP wanted to industrialize Ghana and make Ghana an economic independent country, we did not pray, we built the Akosombo Dam, to generate electricity to power the machines that will be required, we built infrastructures to house the machines and the human resources as well as the raw materials and, it worked.

When we wanted to provide shelter for our people, we did not pray, we set up the State Housing Corporation to start building affordable houses and state hotels for our people and it worked fine.

When we wanted to make to make our people mobile, we extended the railway lines and brought in enough coaches, and continued building extensive roads, we did not pray!

When we wanted to improve literacy rate in this country, we built more schools from the scratch to the University and made it free and compulsory, paid teachers well and made learning materials abundant, we did not pray!

I am a religious person but sorry Mr. President and Mr. Vice President, certain things are for Ceaser and must be given to him and certain things are for God / Allah and should be attributed to them. If your government is interested in finding solution to the problem, the solution is not a prayer!