Mr Logic

Entertainment Pundit, Mr Logic has urged the Tourism Arts and Culture Ministry and the Ghana Tourism Authority to channel more energy into promoting domestic tourism.

In a discussion on Daybreak Hitz withAndy Dosty on Tuesday, he discussed issues concerning diasporas’ benefits to local tourism.

According to him, more importance should be given to domestic tourism because local tourists spend money more than foreigners.

“Some of us who travel out of Accra spend money more than these people from the Diaspora? Let’s not think about them; they are stingy. On the other hand, some of them come to Africa with a budget and don’t spend much,” he said.

Mr Logic added that even before the foreigners came to Ghana, hotels and other tourist attractions were fully patronised by Ghanaians.

He stated that for the tourism sector to thrive, more funds should be invested in making these sites very attractive to suit the taste of local tourists.

“You call a hotel on a weekend, and they tell you that they are fully booked. These hotels cost about ¢2,000 per night, and you ask yourself, which people are there?

“I did not believe it, so I drove there, and I was shocked. The rooms were fully booked by Ghanaians. People were there with their girlfriends and ‘Sugar Daddies’. Before beyond the Return, Sugar Daddies were spending on hotels.”

Beyond the Return, a Diaspora Initiative is the succeeding initiative to the Year of Return by government to promote tourism and homecoming of Africans and Ghanaians in the Diasporas and foster economic relations and investments from the Diaspora in Africa and Ghana.

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