Rawlings GUBA

Former President Jerry John Rawlings has urged Ghanaians living abroad to transmit the quality of discipline and prudent management of resources they acquire out there, back to Ghana to help curb the scourge of corruption and discipline which continues to engulf our society.

He said while Ghana had made positives strides to enhance democracy and stabilize her economy towards growth and development, it is still grappling with corruption, noting that it “is important to appreciate the fact that keeping our moral fabric as a people intact and the appropriate mindset as citizens towards corruption is key to fighting this menace.”

The former President made the call when he delivered the keynote address at the 2018 Ghana UK Based Achievement (GUBA) Awards in London on Saturday. 

Flt Lt Rawlings said Ghana’s role as a hub of peace and the gateway to Africa meant she had to contribute in diverse ways to make the continent a better place, stating; “the world can only hold us in high esteem on how much we connect to universal shared values of truth and integrity”.

The GUBA Awards Special Guest of Honour said he had reached a phase in life where he should be enjoying life after decades of tireless service where he will be content to see his compatriots prosper and gain access to basic amenities and to see an African continent where safety, freedom and justice and justice is guaranteed.


“How do I experience any peace of mind when I see my fellow Africans butcher each other as has happened in countries like Sudan, Nigeria and Cameroon? How can I not feel pain and anger when innocent victims especially women and children are mindlessly killed? The former President asked.

Touching on the conflicts and violence in parts of the continent, former President Rawlings said too much wealth and power happens to be in the hands of many wrong people with some countries under the grip of unconscionable characters and their partners in the so called developed world.

On the situation in Cameroon, he called on the United Nations and the African Union as well as French President Emmanuel Macron to investigate the reported abuse of Anglophones and to avoid the imposition of superficial solutions on the English speaking half of the country.

The former African Union High Representative to Somalia said: “Today, there are many nations around us that are saddled with unimaginable conflicts. What we need to do as a continent is to push our governments and various reputable people to stand and speak out against injustices in affected countries.”

Former President Rawlings said democracy and development that was not based on the rule of law and freedom and justice would eventually collapse as experienced in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia.

GUBA and its Founder and Chief Executive, Dentaa Amoateng received commendation from the former President for its recognition of the diverse cultural and economic potential of Ghanaians. He also commended GUBA for its humanitarian roles in the areas of autism and support for educational institutions in Ghana.


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