Dr Daniel Kasser Tee is the president of CIMG

The National President of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Ghana (CIMG) Dr Daniel Kasser Tee has encouraged Ghanaian advertisers to respond to the negative effects of the Covid-19 pandemic in a positive manner by revamping their brands now and in the future.

According to him, despite the hard blow the pandemic has dealt the sector, it is necessary that they take advantage of the situation by replacing their usual advertising campaigns for more people-centred and pandemic-conscious ones to remain relevant to their audience.

He said: “Readings from across the world readily reveals that some key brands have begun responding to the negative effects of the pandemic in a very positive manner with the aim of revamping their brands now and in the future.

“As indicated by Nielsen, when people are forced to stay inside, they watch about 60% more content than usual-and brands are taking advantage by replacing their usual advertising campaigns to make room for coronavirus-centered content.”

Dr Daniel Kasser Tee made this known in his address at the 29th annual general meeting of the Advertising Association of Ghana, held on Wednesday, September 30, 2020 at the Coconut Grove Regency Hotel, Accra.

He stated that although the pandemic has brought so many challenges to advertisers in the country, it has led to the growth of the digital landscape, which he says must be leveraged.

According to him, “the best way to overcome the obstacles that arise is not to adopt one particular strategy but to use different strategy combinations all in tandem. You must use the technology that is available and leverage consumer and market research to stay ahead of the changes and remain relevant with your audience.”

Dr Kasser Tee also entreated businesses to “think big, make bold but workable recommendations to clients, develop metrics to measure the outcomes of your work, discuss the results with your clients,” as against cutting staff, embracing gimmicks and indulging in ever more tactical pursuits.

“The future of this industry is bright and you must bring to the table holistic measures that are tailored to lead your clients to a prosperous future,” he said.

Ending his speech, the National President of CIMG called on all gathered to patronise Made in Ghana goods and Services.

“We need to consciously work at changing our tastes and attitudes; We must find local alternatives for all the things we import; We need to ask for the Ghana made alternative before making a purchase; We need to strengthen our institutions to produce equally skilful and competent people for the job market; We must believe in the Ghanaian and Ghanaian businesses,” he stated.