Early next month, Ghana will witness its own ‘Royal Wedding’ as Nana Ansah Kwao takes giant strides to make television personality Gifty Anti his wife.

The two radio and television personalities, Myjoyonline.com can exclusively report, will tie the knot early October.

Nana Ansah Kwa0, who has been dating Gifty Anti for the past three years, initiated steps to marry her on September 12 when he sent emissaries to her family home to make his intentions known.

The two, after years of being evasive about their relationship, last week separately confirmed the rumours.

Nana Ansah Kwao, who goes by the stool name, Oyiakehyire Nana Ansah Kwao IV of Adumasa, signing out the Eid edition of his That's My Opinion' show on September 24, sent a sugar-coated holiday dedication to Gifty.

“I take this opportunity to wish; probably this is going to be headlines tomorrow, my lovely, sweet, significant other half, Gifty Anti a happy Eid. I wish you a very happy Eid sweetheart and enjoy your day,” an excited Nana said.

The chief, who is also the host of pm: Express on Joy News on MultiTV, added that “In three minutes I will be off air; I will be rushing to you.”

Gifty Anti, who was clearly touched by the message, posted on Facebook, “Oyekechire Ansah Kwaw… The OAK. That was one swell of a Bold and daring statement you made on air today.. Publicly declaring your love for me? Wow. .. It sure feels great and I am humbled… You are one Strong OAK….”

“But I am sorry to say that ….I love you more, more and Very much too (lol), Your Royal Highness. – feeling loved,” the host of The Standpoint declared.

Nana Ansah Kwao revealed to Myjoyonline.com that he will be marrying Gifty early next month in Akwamu near Akosombo (not Senchi Royal) in Eastern Region. Several attempts to get him to divulge the exact date proved futile.

Giving a gist of what Ghanaians should expect, he said the ceremony will involve his biological and traditional families and that of Gifty’s.

He revealed that Kwaku Sintim Misa (KSM) and Kwasi Siaw Misa will represent his biological family while members of the traditional authority, like Abusuapanin, will represent his traditional family.

“Three days or a week to the event, they will go and hang palm fronds in front of the gate to signify that there is royalty coming to the house. In the morning [of the event] they will come and hang the big palanquin umbrellas in front of the house to signify the coming of somebody royal.”

He noted that because of his status, he won’t be at any of the ceremonies. This is why he did not attend the September 12 event.

How it all started:

The two, until recently managed to keep their relationship from the public. There were, however, constant rumours with only a few close friends being in the know.

Nana revealed to Myjoyonline.com, the journey began three years ago.

“We met at the Standpoint @ 4 event,” three years ago. “I was then working with Rainbow [radio], she came to ask for sponsorship and became friends and we started dating probably two weeks after.”

He confessed theirs was not love at first sight but rather, “It was friendship at first sight and the love developed. It was fairly mutual.”

“We started seeing each other. Obviously for who we were or who she is it was a bit quiet and undertone until eventually” it became public, the Chief said beaming with smiles.

Gifty Anti is known to be a strong, steadfast woman, Nana, just like most Ghanaians, also noticed that and confessed that his soon to be wife is a tough woman.

He, however, “wasn’t intimidated because I wasn’t talking to her in that cloud. We were talking on a personal level.”

Gifty Anti after the marriage ceremony will become Oheneyiri [Wife of a chief]. She will be given a stool and she is entitled to her umbrella but “she is not a queen mother” and she does not make decisions for the state.

Gifty will be in position to counsel particularly women and children.  


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