An effort by dancehall artiste, Samini, to court disaffection for a gateman at the University of Ghana seems to have backfired.

The musician posted a video from his vehicle while filming a security man at his post on campus.

According to Samini’s narration, the young man refused him entry because he did not have his electronic card to grant him access as stipulated by the University’s regulations.

“I have 2 passes,1 for my bikes 1 for cars. Unfortunately I switched cars and left my pass ..come and see Chirman of gatemen association ooo. Let’s make him popular eeh. The #gatechairman of Legon campus. You do all. eventually some sensible security come to beg Chirman for me,” he wrote on June 10.

It is unclear when the incident took place but the musician added that he was eventually granted access by another official who chanced on the development.

But the reactions to the tweet which was posted on Friday have not been pleasant on the artiste’s part.

Social media users have rather called out the public figure for displaying a false sense of self-entitlement.

Others lauded the official for standing his ground, despite the person’s status as an icon.