In less than 25 days, not wearing a mask will no longer be a punishable offence. That is if the three months duration of the law is not extended. The Executive Instrument, E.I. 164 came into force on 14th June, 2020. By it, the President instructed everyone to wear a face mask, face shield or any face covering for three months.

This, according to science, was the most reliable means of protecting yourself and others from contracting Covid-19. This is a public health matter, so failing to wear a mask and not ensuring it covers the nose and mouth completely, while in public, is punishable by a fine of between ¢12,000 and ¢60,000 and/or going to jail for four to 10 years.

By another E.I. 134, the President banned political rallies while permitting political activities – whatever that means. Political activities could go on but the gathering must not exceed 100 people who are observing all the Covid-19 enhanced protocols including wearing a mask and keeping a distance. In his last broadcast, his 15th, he did away with the limit of 100 participants.

Here is my point, the directives have been observed more in breach than compliance, and the politicians need it this way. Many are not wearing the mask and they can’t be bothered because the law is not being enforced. Now the politicians are crisscrossing the country and addressing crowds. In these crowds are many who conduct themselves as though the law has already expired and covid-19 gone.

My Take today is a plea to you to stop risking your life because covid-19 is still around and has killed over 260 people in Ghana. Your life must be worth more than the ambition of certain politicians of today whose drive is not to improve the lives of others but what they can gain privately using public office and corruptly.

Samson Lardy ANYENINI

August 22, 2020