Please watch and listen carefully to the World Health Organisation’s advice in this clip and let’s have a discussion about your behavior and that of the Covid19 pandemic that has killed over 130 Ghanaians and infected almost 24,000.

I hope you have learnt to stop pointing accusing fingers at the President and Government and to take charge of your life.

Observe the protocols set out in law by the President including wearing a mask.

The Executive Instruments, especially E.I 134, neither compel the reopening of schools nor make students returning to school mandatory.

The legislative language (i.e. “schools may open” and “students may return”) employed is deliberately permissive so that you may exercise the option if you don’t feel assured of safety or for some reason do not want to allow your child or ward back to school.

You could actually decide to have your child or ward study at home and show up for the exams if that works for you.

I have had numerous requests to dedicate My Take today to the unconstitutional and unlawful treatment of the Auditor-General, and I have elected not to waste ink on the subject but invite you to read …

Fellow Ghanaians, on the occasion of African Anti-Corruption Day, today, I feel a special pride as a citizen of this great country to congratulate the 500-member CSOs and Occupy Ghana for standing up against the corruption sought to be perpetrated against our Constitution and laws.

Rising up to the defence of Daniel Yaw Domelevo is a major demonstration of the duty to defend the Constitution and live out article 41.

The statements issued by these CSOs represent the purest points of the Constitution and laws exposing the poverty of appreciation of those defending the indefensible assault on the Constitution, laws of Ghana and standard practice in democracies.

I invite you to ignore the obfuscation of the issues and ruse in highlighting some conduct of the Auditor-General instead of a focus on the real issues at stake that:

One – we have not, written or imagined, granted our presidents power to exercise disciplinary control over that class of officers of independent constitutional bodies and justices of the superior courts who by article 146 are not subject to removal from office by our presidents.

Two – the terms of leave applied to the Auditor-General is a sham and even if those of the Public Service applied to him, the services’ policy which is compliant with law, directs that unspent leave is forfeited. It prohibits accrual of leave generally and makes exception for agreement and approval of accrual of only two leave periods.

Let no one tell you to go to court as if it is the courts that voted political office holder into Government or that once you vote in an election, your only recourse to ventilate a grievance or contribute to nation-building is the courtroom.

Let’s stand with the Constitution

Let’s stand with the laws of Ghana

Let’s stand with the Civil Society Organisations