Members of the Senior Staff Association of Universities of Ghana at the University for Development Studies (UDS) in Tamale have complied 100 per cent with the directive to strike.

All the offices from the three campuses in the Northern Region were all locked up with no single staff around.

A task force led by the National Chairman of the Senior Staff Association of Universities of Ghana, Zakaria Mohammed stated that he had begun a tour of the campuses to ensure members comply with the directive.

The Senior Staff Association of Universities of Ghana comprising non-teaching senior staff in public universities declared a nationwide strike on May 18, 2021, to put pressure on the government to improve their conditions of service.

Speaking to JoyNews, Mr Zakaria said they will continue to drum home their sentiments until their demands while urging members to have trust in the leadership as they continue the fight.

“The monitoring will continue until the strike is called off. We are going to continue monitoring because we have some recalcitrant staff who have sworn an oath to be enemies of the Senior Staff Association of all Universities in Ghana. They are those we are hunting for and we have indicated on the day of declaration that such people are really enemies of the Senior Staff Association of Ghana and we are hunting them so when we see them we can prescribe some proper sanctions for them.

“The message I’m sending to them is that they should continue to have hope, confidence and trust in the leadership and that they should also help us,” he added.

He warned that any member who disobeys the directives will be sanctioned.

“You can lose your membership. We can also decide to organize a press conference about you and make the whole world appreciate the fact that you have betrayed your union and that your oath of allegiance that you swore towards the Senior Staff Association, you have not been able to uphold it,” he stated.