Some residents of Kasoa Galilea are contracting skin diseases allegedly from consuming untreated water from a lake nearby following a 2-month water shortage.

“All these rashes, I had them because of the usage of this water…this dirty water “ a caterer at Kasoa Galilea lamented.

She’s one of the many people in this area who have not had water flowing through their taps for the past 2 months.

Another resident, Daniel agreed with her. “If you use it to bath, you feel itches [itchy] all over your body”, he told Joy News' Michaela Anderson.

Daniel was even more baffled by the fact that the residents still receive water bills despite the lack of pipe-borne water.

“Last month there was no water flow in our taps but they brought us a bill of GHC59.7. We questioned them but they said our meter is still reading.”

The water body, which forms part of the Weija Lake looks greenish at its banks and darkens as you go deeper into it.

Other residents discharge excrement into the lake.