In a bizarre case of revenge, a 45-year-old tribal man reportedly bit a snake to death after the latter bit him in a remote village in Odisha’s Jajpur district of India.

Kishore Badra of Gambharipatia village was returning home after working in his paddy field on Wednesday night when a snake bit him on his leg.

Badra managed to capture the viper and bit it to death in a bid to take revenge.

“Something bit my leg while I was returning home on foot last night. I switched on my torch and found it to be a poisonous krait snake. In order to take revenge, I took the snake in my hands and bit it repeatedly, killing the viper on the spot,” said Badra.

Following the incident, he returned to his village with the dead snake and told his wife about the incident. Badra was later seen flaunting the carcass.

Some onlookers advised Badra to visit a nearby hospital, but he refused to go to the hospital and instead went to a traditional healer to seek advice the same night.

Badra said on Thursday: “Even though I bit the poisonous krait, I did not feel any difficulty. I went to a traditional healer residing near the village and was cured.”