General overseer, Apostle Emmanuel Nkum of The Radiant Place, a church, has warned wives who spend hours on end at church from dawn till dusk, that such actions will destroy a marriage.

Speaking with Edem Knight-Tay on Joy FM’s Home Affairs on Saturday about the relationship between the church and the home in the Ghanaian context, the Apostle explained that even though the church is at the centre of home operations; a spouse should not make the church the only priority in their life. 

“There is a correlation between the church and the home and the impact of the church cannot be overemphasized because when you look at it properly you realise that the church multiplies the home, the church mentors the home, the church motivates the home and the church creates the model for the home.”

However, “somebody going to church and staying there from 8am to 9pm is not in the bible.”

“It is just a personal doctrine based on individual denominations and their perceptions,” he added.

“Wisdom is profitable to direct: how can somebody be in all the departments in the church when a particular individual is also married to her husband and the person might probably have children at home?”

He further illustrated the consequences of a partner spending long hours in church.

“Your marriage will experience total decline of love. Your husband might lose confidence in you and the necessary things you have to do as a wife for your husband’s love to increase, even for you will not be there at all.”

He therefore advised couples to strive for balance in their relationship by seeking to solve the problem.

“I have this strong belief that whenever somebody finds himself in such a situation there must be a confrontation before confirmation.”

“I’m not talking about aggressive confrontation. I mean confrontation from a positive perspective where you call the person, speak to your wife, towards her emotions. 

“Possibly, if she doesn’t really agree to some of the things you are saying you can literally visit the church, if both of you don’t go to the same church.  You can call the pastor, quietly and calmly with your wife and explain some of the things going on. 

“So that you can be exempted from certain things especially if you ask seriously of your wife.”