The “lovey dovey” month of February is quickly winding up and hopefully you have all had a run in with that special someone who has been able to make you feel grand, relevant and fresh!

For many, February was the usual Valentines do, while others took the locally inspired Chocolate Day to task ensuring that they enjoyed a more than fair share of the cocoa laden goodies. Weather it was Golden Tree you licked from your fingers or Mars Bar, chances are that the rich cocoa ingredients likely came from our shores.

Ghana is indeed known for quite a few world class feats and our iconic Mirror Ball, the premium old school musical treat continues to shine bright as a unique experience within the sub region.

Many a business traveller and flight attendant hopping across the ECOWAS zone can attest to that fact that the last Friday in Accra is Mirror Ball Day!

The Damba Lounge of the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel will this Friday February 22nd play host to the most discerning party goers in the metropolis. This month’s theme is “Ebony & Ivory” and should see the ladies attending in beautiful black creations while the gents contrast them in cool white.

Everyone knows the lyrics to the famous song and we all know “ebony and ivory live together in perfect harmony…”

Mature and trendy connoisseurs of old school tunes will all be present to bring the dance floor to life under the dazzling lights reflected off the giant mirror ball. Fortunately DJ Blow has already been ‘vetted’ and is confirmed to steer affairs of his ‘ministry’ as the night is expected to be another classic show for the records. He has consistently submitted to a panel of the most sophisticated ears and shall be ready to dig into his crates to deliver another thriller of a night.

Kasapreko, makers of the fine Kalahari Bitters will also welcome early guests with some refreshing cocktails as usual. This first stop off the red carpet proved to be quite an attraction last month and the ‘mixologists’ should be in top form agajavascript:openNewWindow(‘pix.php’,%20’PhotoGallery’,’900′,’700′);in to offer you more world class beverages for your enlightened taste buds.

Since the inaugural Mirror Ball in September 2011, organisers, the Tag Team have maintained the admission fee of GHS35 and this is to ensure that guests get value for their hard earned money despite the fact that the event has earned an unrivalled reputation in a niche market.

Advance tickets can be purchased at the front desk at La Palm and doors open from 10 pm and the fun lasts till dawn.