Security expert Adams Bonaa is warning of what he calls ‘amateur criminals’ who easily take their victims’ lives at the least resistance.

He noted that the victims of such incidents were found to have shown some level of resistance when the criminals are in action.

“The likes of the Ataa Ayi’s will not unnecessarily harm you but they will put so much fear in you that you’ll release your goodies to them.

“But with the amateur criminals their first point of defence, the moment you resist they either put a knife through you or shoot you,” he said.

Speaking with David Akuetteh on Luv FM’s ‘Luv in the Morning‘, Mr. Bonaa advised the citizenry to hand over their belongings when confronted with such situations.

The Ashanti regional capital, Kumasi has witnessed armed robbery related to killings in recent times.

Lack of database on criminals

Mr Bonaa also bemoaned the lack of a comprehensive database of criminals in the country.

He cited instances where the same criminal is caught at different parts of the country unknowingly bearing a different name.

The security expert said adequate training and resourcing of the police force will curb the phenomenon.

“The police themselves is not networked, the prisons we have are not networked so when a man commits a crime in Accra and his put in Nsawam and when he’s released and goes to commit a crime in Tamale, the police would arrest him and will be sent to prison with a different name,” he noted.

Decentralisation of police

Adams Bonaa believes lack of decentralisation of the police service has encouraged criminals to perpetuate their acts

He said the situation has led to many areas bereft of police personnel

“Kumasi area has a ratio of 1 police officer to 1,500 citizens, Kasoa for instance will have a ratio of 1 police officer to 3,000 citizens.

“Even though in their books it’s decentralised, on the ground it’s not. So communities which need the personnel don’t get them,” he observed.