Shatta Wale born Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jnr

Host of Late Night Express and Showbiz A-Z on Joy FM, George Quaye says he never believed reports from media outlets that dancehall/reggae artiste, Shatta Wale had been attacked by unknown assailants on Monday, October 18.

According to the versatile actor, the main reason for dismissing what has now been confirmed as a hoax was due to the many loop holes found in the reportage circulating on social media.

Speaking on PM Express, Mr Quaye noted that due to Shatta Wale’s popularity, he expected some pieces of evidence such as videos and pictures to validate the report that the SM President had been shot and was receiving treatment at a health facility.

He further added that Artiste Manager, Lawrence Nana Asiamah Hanson, popularly known as Bulldog, and the camp of Shatta Wale would have issued statements to that effect if the said attack against the “My level” hitmaker was true.

In view of such analysis, he told host, Evans Mensah: “The story first of all did not add up. This is Shatta Wale, arguably the biggest act we have in Ghana, shot in broad daylight at East Legon. Social media would have been splashed with images, videos and all sort of items. Whatever hospital he had been taken to would have been out there. People would have said ‘Oh my goodness, I was just at this hospital. Shatta Wale has just been rushed there. He has been shot.’

“Shatta Wale has one of the most outspoken managers in the industry. Bulldog wouldn’t have been quiet. If it were true, his camp would have issued an official statement. It just didn’t add up. Shata Wale hardly moves alone and Shata Wale won’t be shot and his followers will be quiet. So when I got a call from Philip and Noella, all I said was don’t pay attention to it. Do not write about it because it can’t be true.”

His comments come after investigations by the Police Service revealed the alleged attack on the life of Shatta Wale was a hoax.

The country was left in a state of shock following reports that Shatta Wale, born Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jnr had been attacked just as one Bishop Stephen Akwasi, founder and leader of New Life Kingdom Chapel International, had prophesied.

Social media was flooded with comments when the prophesy of Shatta Wale’s death remerged immediately after two persons who work closely with the award-winning singer, Kojo Owusu Koranteng and Eric Venator circulated information regarding the supposed gun attack.

Amidst concern, the Police Service noted that it had commenced investigations. Shortly after that, Shatta Wale in a Facebook post revealed that he was on the run due to threats against his life and would only return if the matter is addressed.

This led the police to believe the singer had a hand in what preliminary investigation pointed out as a prank. Subequently, Kojo Owusu Koranteng, Eric Venator and Bishop Stephen Akwasi were arrested for causing fear and panic.

The Service then launched a search for Shatta for his involvement over the matter.

On Tuesday, October 19, the police in a Facebook post indicated that the dancehall artiste turned himself in to aid investigations.

Meanwhile, the Police Service has dismissed rumours that dancehall musician, Shatta Wale has been granted bail.

Acting Public Affairs Director, DSP Alexander Obeng during an interview on JoyNews‘ The Pulse noted that the artiste and the three others arrested will be charged and processed for court in line with the security service’s modalities.

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