Temple Advisory has launched the Strategic Leaders Program with the objective of supporting businesses to prepare and accelerate their transformation in 2020 and beyond. 

The Strategic Leaders Program was an opportunity for executives to share ideas and insights needed to rewrite the script and accelerate organisational transformation for a better society. 

It offered senior executives an opportunity to challenge assumptions, gain clarity, and think creatively about what it takes to deliver organisational transformation in a rapidly changing and challenging market environment. 

Explaining why some organisation fail while others thrive, Robert Bennin, Chief Learning Strategist at Temple Advisory said it is due to lack of a deeper understanding of the ecosystem of the organisation, strategic rigidities and disengaged teams.

He said organisations can only sustain their transformation when they pay attention to these three critical elements of the Accelerated Sustained Enterprise Transformation Framework.

Participants were from diverse industries including education, banking, insurance, community development, built environment, pensions, etc. 

Mr Bennin, who is also the Program Director for the Strategic Leaders Program, explained that the purpose of the program is to give executives the tools and insights to translate leadership actions into strategic initiatives.

The Keynote Speaker for the Program, Prince Kofi Amoabeng, President of UT Holdings, recounted and shared lessons from the various transformations the UT Group has gone through. 

A key lesson was that leaders have to accept responsibility for what happens within their organisations. He also stressed that culture and values are critical elements of any organisational transformation program and leaders must lead this process.

Mr Amoabeng cautioned executives to guard against “hubris”.

Commenting on the program, one senior executive said, “It’s been very helpful, it feels like one’s leadership has been scanned and the print out put before you so immediately you know what you need to change.

Another said, “The program was an opportunity to look at yourself and your organization in the mirror and see areas where you can improve”. 

Temple Advisory intends to hold several sessions of the Strategic Leaders Program over the next 18 months so businesses can learn and prepare for the next decade much stronger and sustainable.

The next session of the Strategic Leaders Program is scheduled for July 30.