Kwadwo Sheldon

Popular content creator, Kwadwo Sheldon has revealed that he has received several threats against his life in his line of work.

Speaking to Jay Foley on Prime Morning’s on the topic, ‘Dangers of Social Media and Effects of Cyberbullying’, Kwadwo Sheldon said he recently received a WhatsApp message from an unknown number warning him of the content he posts on his platforms.

This warning came with a threat of him being gunned down if he fails to do so.

The ‘Yawa of the Day’ host said that he has since reported the matter to the Cyber Crime Unit of the Ghana Police Service for further investigation.

However, news about the progress of investigation is yet to be communicated, he added.

Kwadwo Sheldon also disclosed that an artiste manager once threatened to pour acid on him, although he’s uncertain why.

He said that he however failed to report the manager for the threats and several others like it.

Kwadwo Sheldon revealed the threats were emotionally and psychologically exhausting on him.

He urged social media users to desist from trolling and bullying people on the various platforms.

He also tasked people to be more intentional about their activities and comments online.