Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ernest Chemists Limited, Ernest Bediako Sampong says the country’s political space does not interest him.

Speaking on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show, the astute businessman in response to a question from a caller about his political affiliation said he belongs to no political party.

He said he has been able to build his pharmaceutical business into the empire it is now because he stayed neutral.

A lot of successful business people are perceived to want more power so they either support political parties in the background or openly contest to either be MPs or the highest office of the land, the presidency.

But Mr Sampong says he finds the business space engaging and challenging to leave it. 

“I have shied away from politics. The political arena does not interest me. I have done my business for so many years, without joining any political party. I prefer to do it alone and have steered away from politics.”

However, he agrees that certain decisions taken by politicians have played significant roles in pushing his business forward.

According to him, monies he was able to secure from Ecobank, the Exim bank, etc under various political regimes have been integral in aiding him to expand his business. 

Mr Sampong said he is geared to set up a pharmaceutical factory which is aimed at producing about 70% of Ghana’s pharmaceutical needs.

He advised entrepreneurs to take advantage of government interventions to grow their businesses, just as he had to help develop the nation.

“As an entrepreneur or businessman, there’s the need for us to expand our business, so whenever there is any intervention by whoever, we try to take advantage of whatever intervention that is in place.”