Oil giant Tullow Ghana Ltd., and service provider in the oil industry, Seaweld Engineering Ltd., have refuted claims contained in two separate stories published last week.

Tullow says a story with the headline, “Ghanaian workers strike on Jack Ryan” was factually inaccurate as it wrongly attributed “a strike action on the Jack Ryan rig currently for Lukoil offshore the coast line of Takoradi to employees of Tullow Ghana Limited, operators of the Jubilee fields.”

A statement from Tullow says the Jack Ryan is not working in the Jubilee Field as the story claimed and the employees involved do not work with Tullow.

In a related development, Seaweld Engineering Ltd., said it had nothing to do with the events contained in a story headlined, “Hunger threat on Jack Ryan rig, as cooks join strike.”

“The alleged events, if they did occur, were unconnected to and had nothing to do with Seaweld Ghana. We are therefore left in no doubt that the damage caused by the said publication was needless and avoidable,” Seaweld said in a statement.

The company maintained that “Seaweld Ghana does not provide any services to the Jack Ryan Rig referred to in the said publication,” and that “the facts as put out there…are factually incorrect.”

Seaweld Ghana also insisted that it “does not owe any of the said former offshore workers, and none have so complained because there is absolutely no basis for same.”

The wholly owned Ghanaian company said “We reaffirm our commitment to keep and protect the cherished values that have won our company the number one indigenous company in the Oil and Gas industry in Ghana, and recently adjudged by one of Africa's Prestigious Petroleum Industry Media Giants – Offshore Ghana Magazine as the "Indigenous Oil & Gas Company of the Year 2014.”

We regret the inaccuracies and errors contained in the two publications and duly apologise for same.


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