A Circuit Court in Accra has sentenced Daniel Nii Ayi Teiko, an unemployed to two years imprisonment for defrauding a naval officer and a driver over the sale of a plot of land at Teshie in Accra.

Teiko, charged with defrauding by false pretenses, pleaded guilty at the court presided over by Ms. Ellen Foie Ayeh, who convicted the accused on his own plea.

Prosecuting, Sergeant Thomas Sarfo said the first complainant is Ruth Darling Coffie, a Naval Officer resident at Teshie, while the second complainant is a driver by name Francis Mefful who lives at Teshie-Aboma.

Sergeant Sarfo said the convict had no fixed place of abode and that during the year 2018, Teiko convinced the complainants to buy a half plot of their family land at Teshie, near the Anglican Area for an amount of GHC36,000.00.

Prosecution said the Naval Officer contributed an amount of GHC25,000.00 whiles Mefful paid GHC11,000.00.

He said on July 21, 2018, Mefful and the convict were supposed to pay the amount of GHC36,000.00 to Teiko’s aunty who resides at Aboma in Teshie.
The Prosecution said the two set off to the said aunty’s house, and on the way, Teiko told Mefful to wait for him to check on her aunty and then convinced Mefful to hand over the money to him to keep so that he could present same to his aunty, which Mefful obliged.

He said unknown to Mefful, Teiko took another exist in the said house and escaped with the money.

Prosecution said Mefful waited for over an hour but Teiko never came back neither could he reach him on his phone.
He said on January 21, this year, Teiko was spotted at Teshie and arrested to the Police station, and during interrogation he admitted the offence.