President of the Unity Hall at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Param Gozey, has bemoaned the theoretical nature of teaching and learning at tertiary institutions in the country.

He notes the situation is a contributing factor to the huge challenge of graduate unemployment Ghana is facing.

“There are many challenges, particularly in terms of the practicals, you would realize that the course is full of theory here, but the real world deals with the practicalities,” he said.

Param Gozey made the observation while speaking to the media at the 44th week celebration of the Unity Hall on the campus of KNUST. The celebration was under the theme: “Entrepreneurship – the Solution to Graduate Unemployment”.

Mr. Gozey is encouraging students to equip themselves with practical skills, to empower to face the world of work.

“There would be the need for us to bring some of these challenges under the microscope, diagnose these problems and deal with them appropriately. There is the need for us to equip ourselves so that we gain practical skills to face the world. That is why there would be the need for us students to take some courses in entrepreneurship to equip ourselves,” he said.

He noted the theme for the celebration which focuses on entrepreneurship is more appropriate today than ever, as a tool to solving the growing unemployment situation in the country.

Employment consultant and Business Development Manager of Human Resource Development firm, Blue Chip Business Consult, Madam Adoma Appiah expressed concern about what she says is the enormous number of workers who are being forced to stay in jobs they are not happy with, because of lack of adequate jobs.

She expressed worry that such situations do not bring out the best in the employees and prevent them from delivering their utmost best.

She encouraged students to take training programmes in entrepreneurship seriously and to make creation their priority.

The students of the Unity Hall popularly called “Continentals” launched the weeklong celebration with a colourful ceremony which saw the holding of military parade and the display of karate skills at the forecourt of the hall.

Student leaders at the Unity Hall were commended for efforts at fostering unity with their colleagues at the University Hall (Katanga), through various outreach programmes.

Students at both halls have been at the throat of each other over the years, engaging in various violent activities which have in the past seen clashes, stone throwing, destruction of property and injuring of scores of people.

The Hall President assured the leadership would continue to ensure harmony and peaceful co-existence with colleagues on campus.

With a population of more than 2000 students, the Unity Hall is the most populated students’ hall of residence on the campus of KNUST.