The Graduate Students Association of Ghana (GRASAG-National) has called on the government to hurriedly resolve the concerns of university teachers to bring an end to the UTAG strike.

According to GRASAG, public universities would be compelled to shut down after 21 days of non-academic work if the government fails to take immediate steps to meet the demands of the University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG) to enable academic work to resume. 

In a press release dated January 26, the Association noted that, “the negative impact of this impasse between government and the striking lecturers will not be felt by either of the parties involved as much as our members.”

“Our research works have come to a standstill, tutorials and lectures have come to a halt, academic work, in general, is in limbo, delaying the professional progress of our members.”

On Monday, January 10, the University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG), embarked on a nationwide strike, over poor conditions of service. 

According to the embattled lecturers, the government has failed to honour its promises to them, despite series of meetings and negotiations, towards the improvement of their working conditions.

UTAG, therefore, stated that they will only return to the classroom if all their concerns are addressed.

Among other things, UTAG wants the government to reconsider the increment of its annual research allowance to a more realistic amount “as this is critical to our research output, promotion and ultimately national development.”

They also want the 2013 Interim Market Premium (IMP) of 114% on basic salary restored.

Meanwhile, GRASAG in their statement pleaded with lecturers to consider the plight of students and resume work especially since the strike has the potential of affecting the academic calendar of the universities.

“We would also, through this medium encourage all university students and researchers to stay calm, continue to learn, and do all that is required of them, as GRASAG in collaboration with all other student associations continue to advocate for the rights of students,” the group stated.

They added that “it is the hope of GRASAG that government will respond swiftly to the resolution of this feud for academic work to be restored as soon as possible.”

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