Verna Mineral Water has collaborated with PassionAir to surprise its customers as Ghana celebrated its 63rd Independence Anniversary.

The activity which took place on Friday saw people rewarded with bags of freebies at a time when the country reflects on strides made since it was first declared an independent state on 6th of March 1957.

PassionAir, one of the biggest airlines operating in Ghana used the opportunity to urge customers to patronize their services as they continue to roll out packages that will take them by storm.

The airline also added that it is working assiduously to include the Western Regional capital, Takoradi to their daily routines, as part of efforts to improve air travel and convenience in transportation.

Twellium Industrial Company Ltd, producers of premium brands, Rush Energy, American Cola, Planet, Verna Mineral Water, were optimistic that the partnership with PassionAir will improve the fortunes of both parties.