The Electoral Commissioner and some religious leaders from DR Congo, have called on former president John Mahama for some electoral advice.

The religious leaders in DR Congo are impressed with the manner in which faith-based organizations have helped to promote peace during electioneering periods and are in Ghana to learn from their counterparts and duplicate same in DR Congo.

Mahama Congo

Electoral Commissioner of DR Congo, Nanga Yobeluo Corneille, who accompanied the religious leaders briefed Mr. Mahama on the political make-up of the country.

Mr. Mahama then briefed the EC and the religious leaders about the evolution of elections in Ghana.  

He also highlighted the peace agreement that all political leaders are made to sign before elections.

“The religious leaders, traditional leaders and Civil Society Organizations make us sign a peace declaration and it is published in the newspapers, so that is an effective means of committing us [politicians] to a peaceful process,” he said.

Mahama Congo

Mr. Mahama however, highlighted that without a transparent Electoral Commission, these efforts will come to naught and electoral disputes will occur.

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Mahama Congo