Comedian and actor, Funny Face, has said he would limit the level to which he jokes around because he is a father now.

“I don’t want people telling them (his twins), your father fools a lot, in the whole Ghana,” Funny Face said Twi while laughing.

The actor, who shared the first video of his twins since their birth earlier this month thanked fans for their prayers and support.

Funny Face, who continually shared updates of his twins with the hashtag #Ataapapa (father of twins), decided for the first time, to give the world a sneak peek of him welcoming them into the world.

In the video posted on Instagram, the babies are seen sleeping in a cot with the actor smiling admirably at them. 

The comedian in his post revealed his babies are girls.

His Instagram post read, “To GOD be the Glory … at God’s own appointed time .. what is said abt ur life will come to pass .. to God be the Glory. Proud father of twin baby girls .. @e_adebayor .. bro ur girls are in ooo .. they will chill with Kendra well well [SIC]” he captioned the post.”