The Executive Secretary of Ghana Integrity Initiative, Vitus Azeem has called for the adoption of a system where ordinary Ghanaians can contribute to fund the activities of political parties.

He said doing this will ensure that “no one person will have control over the party when it comes into power.”

Mr Azeem made the suggestion when he contributed to a discussion on Joy FM’s Election Headquarters Thursday, insisting it was time to address issues related to the funding of political parties as well as the phenomenon where politicians use money to influence voters.

Dr Clement Apaak, who is the Convener of the Forum for Governance and Justice, shared Mr Azeem’s position.

“If we can develop a system that will allow people to contribute towards funding the political institutions that they belong to or which that they believe to have the capacity to project their wishes on how they want to see our nation develop…”

“I think that it will give them (the contributors) some sort of ownership…” he stressed.

Dr Apaak believed that when voters feel they are part owners of the political parties, it will be difficult for politicians to influence them with money.