The Concerned Clergy Association of Ghana (CCAG)  is calling on the Clergy to be very measured in their comments and contributions towards the 2016 elections.

A statement signed by the president and spokesperson of the Association, Bishop Prince Benny Wood said the group is worried about "various comments and contributions some section of the Clergy have made in relation to the voters register."

"As a body that is mandated by God to promote morality and peace we have an enormous responsibility to make sure that our statements will promote peace and respect for our institutions.

"No nation can develop without strong institutions and it’s important we do whatever we can to encourage the strengthening of our institutions and not take positions that may weaken it," the statement said.

The statement said the CCAG has absolute believe in the Electoral Commission, adding irrespective of its challenges the Commission has distinguished itself in an honorable manner since the inception of the Fourth Republic.

The Association called on all members of the Clergy to support the Commission in order for it to execute its constitutional mandate successfully..

"The contributions of pastors on electoral issues under the 4th republic have always been seen with a lot of suspicion and we have to be careful not to make it worse.

"In the current state where some section of the Clergy are making statements to pressurize and ambush the electoral commission is very unfortunate and every effort must be made by the Church to disassociate itself from such a posture.

"We are of a firm belief that our Electoral Commission is capable of dealing with the issue of the voters register and should be allowed to finish its consultations, come out with a position and report, then we can analyze and make our position on it, but as of now nothing shows that the EC is incapable of giving us Free, Fair and Peaceful elections," the statement said.