Ecobank Ghana has reiterated its commitment to Ghanaians to help create excitement and contribute to charitable causes during the Christmas and New Year’s Seasons.

Ecobank Ghana, which has, over the past three years, been sponsoring the Light Up Accra project over the years, also sponsors a similar project in Kumasi.

The Managing Director of the Bank, Dan Sackey, delivering a speech at the 2021 Light Up Accra ceremony held at the Nationalism Park, Accra, stated that the Bank engages in these projects as part of its corporate social responsibility to touch lives within the communities they operate.

 “We do this in the hope of positively impacting the lives of people that we serve but also use such platforms as the launchpad to create awareness about our digital financial services solutions that are deployed to help Ghana’s financial inclusion agenda,” he said.

According to him, this year’s Light Up project is particularly significant as it brings Ghanaians some cheer and festivity, which have been dampened by the raging pandemic and its attendant economic woes.

Dan Sackey was particularly grateful for the resilience of Ecobank Ghana despite the pandemic to remain as “one of the leading and topmost performing banks in Ghana.”

He said, “During this season, many of us appreciate God the Almighty, for His protection and blessings throughout the year and often pray for many more glorious years ahead. As a leading financial services provider, Ecobank has a lot to be thankful for this year.”

He encouraged customers of the Bank to patronise the digital services the Bank offers, primarily due to the pandemic.

According to him, the Bank has invested in convenient digital banking solutions to help customers conduct their transactions safely from the comfort of their homes.

“We do this in the hope that every individual can easily open and operate a bank account, make payments and send remittances to other people, on the back of the numerous self-service solutions deployed by the Bank. Moreover, everyone can do this without visiting any of the Bank’s branches. 

“You are encouraged to do this remotely, especially in these times of COVID-19, when we are grappling with the new variant, Omicron. I, therefore, encourage every individual to access these services simply by downloading the Ecobank Mobile App or dialling *770# on any registered SIM and following the ensuing prompts to transact.

“It is seamless and hustle-free, thereby bringing convenience to all. So let’s all commit to adopting the habit of buying and selling online and, most importantly, making all payments and funds transfers electronically,” he said.

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