Even superman takes a break especially at a time that the city thinks him a villain. I have never met Anas or Kweku Baako. Neither have I met Commander One. These are people whose fames and feats precede their names. When I had received a mail from an unknown person telling me they want to link up with Commander One because they have been scammed, I, with alacrity deleted it. So sad to say but my mentioning of Commander One does not mean he is the only good cop in Ghana. There are a lot of them. Some are just careful not to break the rules. There are some who in their various professions successfully break the rules because it will help millions.

Increasingly, it may appear it is becoming hard to fight crime. All other criminals especially the fowl thieves can be investigated. It is hard to do same with some criminals. They have a solid allegiance either with a powerful king, a big politician, a cult club or from a certain tribe for which reason, they cannot be touched. There are some and few they are too, call them an Anas or an Amidu. They have been anointed at birth and cannot simply look the other way. It is becoming increasingly clear that people will do anything within their power and reach to stay at the top no matter.

I am but a commoner, a simple person and just like the masses I parade the streets hopping from one trotro to another to accomplish my daily task. I have no worldly inheritance except the name that I answer to. And that name by virtue of baptism I must strive to live by. Similarly other people have been baptized in something too.  I say things the way I perceive them hoping that what I say is part of the solution to our bigger problem. There is always the day of reckoning. For many of us, that is the fear that guide our thoughts and ways. For others God is but a concept, an illusion for lunatics. He God to them, is simply an invention of weaklings who try to find solace with their troubles.

It so happened that superman was becoming a saint. The corrupt security had nightmares, the politicians could hardly meet and discuss their despicable deeds because apart from superman appearing at any time, he had the penchant of taping their words for public judgment. The drug business and cartels were crumbling. The streets and commoners were beginning to get better schools, decent jobs, and above all peace.

This was not how the society should be. Those who milk from the masses wanted to be gods all the time. There cannot be gods if people no longer queue in their houses for crumbs of bread. They cannot be bosses when tap water runs in every home. They cannot be bosses when suddenly the commoner’s child begins to attend the same school with their wards. They cannot be gods when they attend the same deprived and bugs infested hospitals with the masses. Suddenly there was a form of sickness. These few people could not live with this new change and so superman man must be made a villain and silenced. The power of the affluent especially those who have passed through the back door should not be under estimated.

I have to mention back door because it must be clear that by the wipe of their brows, and through honesty others have made it. Through the media, paid slanders, horrendous murders, mercenaries and other mediums, the clean superman was attacked and accused of as the person behind the crimes. Those who benefited from the crumbs of the demi-gods were the mouth pieces and architects of the crimes. They liked and enjoyed been enslaved to their masters of darkness.  They see any fight against their masters as against them. They were able to manipulate the system against the only one who stood for the people. When society appears dissatisfied because they are been misled, one must take a break to allow them cogitate. It is in the thinking of this that I think Anas should take a break. At least for a while.

When the supermen takes a break, it is not out of fear but to reflect and also allow society to reflect. Staying on and running away from battle are all part of the fighting strategy. I am not giving a seminar on the military tactics of guerilla fighters or a moral teaching on the behavioral patterns of the corrupt. When Rev. Father Andrew Campbell delivered his sermon at Divine Mercy Catholic Church, I felt bad the whole day. I realized I was not doing enough. Father Campbell challenged all to first strive to be upright in ourselves and then be advocates of change. He indicated to fight the moral rot, we must be wary that people will fight us from within and outside.

The sickness can only continue. Even as there are age long issues of sanitation, unemployment, carnage on our roads, early and force marriage, maternal and infant deaths, marauding preacher men, amongst others, the media appear to be focused on some few loud-mouthed opinionated bigots who say much about nothing. When these people sneeze, it makes news. They would be allowed all the time in the world to razzmatazz as if there is nothing else that is important to talk about.

And so, even in my dread of the hereafter, and as I hold in my faith that the only Being to be feared is the immutable God, and as the wizards of fake preacher men commune and congregate to fault the struggles of those whose fight it is to make Ghana better, let us be warned, Adonai (Wε) is not an invention of mere mortals.

Joseph Aketema

University of Ghana.


MA Theatre Arts (Media Arts Option)

DISCLAIMER: The Views, Comments, Opinions, Contributions and Statements made by Readers and Contributors on this platform do not necessarily represent the views or policy of Multimedia Group Limited.

DISCLAIMER: The Views, Comments, Opinions, Contributions and Statements made by Readers and Contributors on this platform do not necessarily represent the views or policy of Multimedia Group Limited.