In collaboration with the European Union, Plastic Punch has presented the cash prize packages and certificate to three young Ghanaians for emerging top winners in the recent Let’s Go Green Challenge.  

The Let’s Go Green Challenge is a competition in environmental sustainability innovation that sought to inspire the Ghanaian youth to think in creative ways to care for the environment. It is also aimed at creating awareness and promoting sustainable lifestyles whilst pointing out the employment opportunities that exist within sustainable solutions.

The winning idea, in the name of Design World, uses graffiti to educate children on the importance of sustainability and how to secure a greener Ghana. The educating visuals are placed close to schools and in public places where children walk by and will get inspired. This winning idea was awarded a cash prize of ¢5,000.

The 1st runner up, Expect Tech Plus, was awarded ¢3,000 for the mobile app idea that makes it easier for citizens to contribute to a greener Ghana by ordering and planting trees of their choice. The app gives vivid information about the seedling before placing an order.

The 2nd runner up, Vanessa Dogbey’s ‘Green Ghana’ idea is a software designed to connect individuals and institutions with vendors nearby who are readily available to pick up the segregated waste. The idea supports the concept of reuse and recycling for a greener Ghana and was awarded ¢2,000.

Ambassador, Irchad Razaaly, Head of EU Delegation to Ghana was present at the award ceremony held on December 7.

He congratulated all the participants and winners for the fresh ideas and approaches submitted towards a greener planet.

He noted, “We’re very happy to have partnered with Plastic Punch to undertake this project. We align with their mission of raising awareness about the dangers of plastic to the environment and promoting sustainable management solutions.

“Sustainability is at the heart of the Africa-European Union partnership, so working together on this competition was the perfect way to reach as many Ghanaians as possible.”

“It is our hope that competition such as the Let’s Go Green Challenge will make young people more aware of the opportunities and potential for innovation which contribute to a sustainable future, create jobs and achieve economic progress”.

Richmond Kennedy Quarcoo, Co-Founder of Plastic Punch, gave a brief background on the selection process of the winners and highlighted the brilliant ideas people are doing to safeguard the planet for generations to come.

Commenting on the initiative, he indicated that “The competition saw diverse and solution based-thinkers with a drive to positively impact the environment.

“We’re thrilled that through the Let’s Go Green initiative, young people have been inspired to take action when it comes to waste reduction, repurposing waste and encouraging re-use in their daily lives”.

Receiving their cash prizes and certificates, the winners were full of appreciation and thanked Plastic Punch and the European Union for the initiative.

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